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"Akran powers some of the world's most famous brands"


Our core services include:

  • Accelerating market support through effective advertising and marketing strategies, media services, incentive programs, and targeted promotional printing.
  • Communicating your corporate identity through the use of promotional print products.
  • Setting up corporate sponsorships, custom designing corporate themes and campaigns.
  • Establishing e-catalogues for on-demand delivery of products and services.
  • Streamlining technology through professional hardware and software technical and network support.
  • Recovering data from damaged hard drives and other media.
  • Leasing of computer equipment, monitors, printers, routers, servers, and other electronic office equipment.
  • Acquiring knowledge through data acquisition (including investigation services, locating hidden assets, surveillance, background checks, DNA testing, remote monitoring) and protection of intellectual capital (including security personnel, electronic debugging and sweeping, criminal investigation).
  • Access to Asian imports with specialization in home furnishing and custom manufacturing of garments.
  • Providing an exclusive channel of distribution for Swiss Magic frames to Canadian retailers and the Canadian public.

Our Business is Helping You Succeed

Akran Group of Companies enables established and emerging organizations to develop and execute strategies to ensure their business success.

Our broad range of capabilities – including strategic management, process and products innovation, service performance and technical know-how – mean our clients are able to secure better prices and achieve the results they expect.

We set the standard for production efficiency, excellent prices and the best service levels in the business. Our customers depend on our ability to deliver quality, customization, convenience, knowledge and timeliness.


What You Can Expect from Akran

If you're looking for the ability to accelerate business performance and widen the gap between your company and that of the nearest competitors, you've finally found the right company to help you with your business. Depend on us for a traditional commitment to service and results that far exceed the norm of what is considered today's industry standards. All at an affordable price.

We invite you to browse Akran's Company sites and to contact us if your have any questions. Go to Company on the top menu bar to view a list of corporate sites.


Akran's leadership

Our leadership is underscored by our delivery of professional business products and services for nearly two decades.


Member Organization

Akran is a member of the leading promotional and marketing associations in North America.


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