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Submit Your Ideas or Preliminary Design or Ask for Digital Recreation, We'll Create the Artwork

Submit your own design or design ideas. Our professional art department can work from your web image, existing business card, stationery, non-graphic design, sketch, concept or idea to produce high-quality artwork that can be used again and again to produce print results that exceed industry standards. It's what you expect from your investment.

You can send preliminary ideas and designs by email, fax, or upload your files to our FTP site. Our friendly staff is available to help you and invites your inquiry.


Preferred Format

Vector artwork such as that created in Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand will produce the best results when printed at any size. If you create your art in one of these programs, please save the file in an EPS format.


To avoid font matching issues, convert all fonts to outlines OR supply PC/Mac supporting fonts as indicated in tables below.
Be sure to include ALL placed images (even if embedded) and fonts.
Artwork must be saved as CMYK and/or spot colour (PMS colours should be specified).
Save artwork in a format and version (up to or including the version specified) as indicated in the tables below.
Indicate the platform and application used to generate your artwork and provide contact information.
Compress as .ZIP or .SIT using WinZip (Windows) or DropStuff (Mac). If you are sending us a Mac file, be sure to include the file extension (type) as part of the file name.
NOTE: An EPS file created in Illustrator is NOT the same type of file as a Photoshop EPS file. Photoshop files should be saved in PSD format, not EPS format.
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File Specifications and Instructions

Akran supports a wide range of PC and Mac file formats for high-quality print reproduction. Digital computer files are preferred, but we also accept traditional, high-quality PMTs.

We provide these guidelines as a way to streamline the processing of your artwork. We invite you to call us or contact us online with any questions or concerns.


BEST Mac / PC Application Formats

  Application Includes Fonts Format
Freehand 11 Incl. placed images Outlines | PC/Mac Fonts .EPS
Illustrator CS Incl. placed images Outlines | PC Fonts .EPS
or .AI
InDesign (Mac) Incl. placed images Mac Fonts .IND
Photoshop CS 300+ dpi | actual imprint size or larger PC/Mac Fonts .PSD
CorelDRAW 12 Incl. placed images Outlines | PC Fonts .CDR or .CMX

ACCEPTABLE Mac / PC Application Formats

  Application Includes Fonts Format
QuarkXPress 7.0 Incl. placed images. *QXD will be opened in InDesign PC/Mac Fonts .QXD
Acrobat Press Optimized quality (2400 dpi default resolution., 300+ dpi colour and grey bitmap, 1200 dpi monochrome bitmap, binary format, CMYK) | *PDF file my not be editable if required All fonts embedded | Postscript 1, 2, and 3 compatible .PDF
PMT or High-Resolution B&W Laser Output Black and white solid elements, no halftones (levels of grey) | Pure white paper | Actual size | *Digital recreation of artwork may be required N/A N/A

Black and white solid elements, no halftones | 600+ dpi | Actual imprint size or larger



  Format Application
Non-graphic Applications: Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint, and other non-graphic applications do not produce quality print results. We are aware that some printing companies will accept these programs. Unfortunately these programs do not export the images at a high enough quality to produce the result you expect. The images imported into these programs is required.
Web specific bitmap images Web image formats such as GIF, JPEG and PNG file types are designed for monitors and fast file transfer. These images are unsuitable for professional print reproduction because of low resolution and the use of RGB colour.
Photocopies, faxes and Stationary Faxes, photocopies, letterheads and business cards are not suitable for professional reproduction. We can recreate your logo to meet Akran/industry standards for quality results. Depending on the complexity of the logo, this may or may not require a substantial amount of work or investment.

FTP Site File Upload Email Akran

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